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YOUR money story

can heal, transform and inspire

Groundwork For Mastering Money

6-Session Financial Literacy Course

Dates: Every Thursday Starting May 9th

Time: 7:30 PM EST

Location: Virtual Session on Zoom

What story would you like your money to tell?

6-Session Financial Literacy Course

Imagine If ...

you could learn how to overcome your financial roadblocks in a fun &engaging way

Imagine If ...

you had tools and skills that actually worked for you now and in the future

Imagine If ...

shame, guilt, regret, and lack of self-control were removed from your money story

Fun & Engaging Curriculum

This isn’t your ordinary learn about money course. It is an interactive, thought-provoking, and life transforming experience that gives you the foundations necessary to improve your life.

The truth is ...

YOU are the author of your money story and it can change

A Key Foundation for Success

understand how money works and why it matters

Don’t miss this opportunity for…

  • 6 sessions with instructional videos and discussion time
  • Professionally designed handouts you can print or download
  • Leadership and guidance from a professional financial coach
  • Options for customizing and adding more in depth sessions
  • Free Private Discovery Call to discuss taking your results to the next level

Relieve Financial Fears

healthy financial foundations empower you to make wise decisions based on what is really important

Take Action

using these proven tools and techniques for managing money results in sustainable positive change

Make A Difference

financial freedom lets you make a transformational impact on people and situations that matter to you

You'll learn ...

Money Skills

understand the basic principles for managing money so you can build experience greater success

What Really Matters

identify your beliefs, relationships, priorities, and the values you want to drive your money decisions

Wise Decision Making

intentionally plan your spending so your money is in alignment with your values and priorities

How to Communicate

learn how to talk about money so talking about hopes, dreams, fears, and solutions is much easier

Session 1


Take a look at what comes in, what goes out, and why you need to know

Session 2

Needs & Wants

Discover where your finances are and what you need to gain control of where they are taking you

Session 3


Understand what savings is, what to save for, and why it’s important

Session 4


Learn how to plan what your money is going to do so you get where you really want to go

Session 5


Discover traps and behaviors that can keep you stuck and how to get unstuck

Session 6

Giving & Generosity

Plan how you want to use your time and money for a cause you are passionate about

I’m Walli and I’m a Money Nerd!

I’m a Latina, daughter of an immigrant, first-gen college graduate and the first millionaire in my family. The truth is, you CAN be good with money.

I’m a financial coach and money mentor who went from overspending and an impulsive shopper to being debt-free and building multiple six-figure investment portfolio.

After spending my 20s burning through every dollar I earned and saving very little, I knew I had to start doing something different. The thought of working for the next 30 to 40 years just to survive wasn’t the life I wanted.

Girl, trust me I get it. I was making more money than my parents had ever made yet I had nothing but a closet full of clothes to show for it. I was in my 30s when I finally looked around and realized that if I didn’t do something different, I’d be working at the same job for 30 plus years!

In 2015, I was in a field I loved but was over office politics. I couldn’t imagine being in that same situation for another two decades. Here’s the truth, if I was going to buy my freedom, then I had to get real honest about my money. I began to track where my money was going, I created a spending plan that aligned with the things I valued most and discovered that although savings goals are good to have, if I wanted to buy my freedom I had to invest.

By 2016, I had increased my retirement plan contributions, paid off my car and student loans, and opened up my very first investing account.

After gaining control of my finances and creating a plan, I’m on my way to being work-optional before the age of 40! I want to share with you the same strategies I used.

Walli Miller Money Coach

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